Download New Patient Forms

About Your Visit


The first visit will be approximately 60-90 minutes. Return visits are typically 45 minutes, but can sometimes last up to one hour, depending on the treatment required. 


How to prepare for a treatment session:

  • Before making an appointment, download the following forms.
Consent Forms
Patient History (fillable pdf)
Patient History - Part 2 - optional
HIPAA Privacy Notice - for your reference only (do not print)
          Complete the Patient History form(s) on your computer and print it out to bring it with you to your first visit. 
helps save time so we can spend more time on your examination and treatment during your visit. If  you don't have a printer, please come ten minutes early to fill out the forms.  
The Privacy Notice is for your reference only -- you do not need to print it.

     You should also remember to:
  • Bring any relevant paperwork (lab results or medical reports) you have from your primary care physician.
  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing that can be rolled up just above elbows and knees. Women should avoid wearing one-piece dresses and stockings.
  • Do not brush your tongue on the day of treatment. Your tongue coating can provide us with some important information about the state of your health.
  • Do not come for treatment when excessively hungry or excessively full. Make sure you eat a moderate breakfast before your morning visit (and a decent lunch if scheduled for an afternoon visit). Getting treated on an empty stomach can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting, if you're already prone to fainting.
  • Do not come when physically exhausted, intoxicated (by alcohol or any recreational drug), or just after sex. Your energy is strongly influenced by these circumstances and activities, and thus your examination and treatment would be impacted as well.
  • Do not drink coffee immediately before your visit, for the same reason as above.

What should I do immediately after a treatment session?

For at least three hours immediately after acupuncture:

     1) Do not overexert yourself mentally or physically. It’s best to take it easy for a few hours to allow the effects of acupuncture to set in. In rare cases, one might feel drowzy, dizzy, or lightheaded (this depends on your health constitution). If you feel drowsy, dizzy or lightheaded, do not drive. Wait a while until you no longer have these sensations before driving.

     2) Do not drink or eat anything cold.

     3) Do not go swimming, take showers or baths, or use the sauna or steam room.


For more information on what to expect during your visit, see What to Know and Expect